Current Features

Our game is continuously improving. We have focused in delivering a fun and engaging experience with the following accomplishements.

Different Weapons

HTC VIVE Support

Full campaign

Epic Boss Fights

Different enemies

Multiplayer mode

Oculus quest support

Original soundtrack

Teaser campaign

VR Cinematic cutscenes

First-person shooter Hybrid


Best VR current


Cyberspace VR is a Hybrid VR game that combines Tower Defense and First Person Shooter Gameplays, where players must defend their Cores against enemies using a diverse weapon arsenal and the capacity to build turrets to help improve your battle strategy. Offering a masterful storytelling and cinematic takes to give you a vibrant visual and immersive experience.


Original 3D Designs and Cinematic Cutscenes

Our outstanding cinematic art will allow you to be fully immersed in a transhumanist future.


Original Soundtrack, Voices and Sound Effects

The audio was created to allow our players to navigate into our world with a powerful experience, getting an overtaking feeling for the sense of reality that the game transmits.

Fun and Exciting Gameplay Mechanics

The capacity of the game for building personal strategies will allow the gamer to analyze current situations to make the best decision in the battlefield and save humanity remains from eternal digital deletion and extinction.


Mesmerizing Storytelling & Cinematic Universe

Our story is based in our version of the future where the human being has perfected the digitization of consciousness. We are committed to deliver a game in which players can enjoy a realistic transhumanist future full of action.



Endless Waves

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win $500 USD.

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